Policymakers Witness Landscape and Livelihood Transformation in India’s Bundelkhand Region

A group of policymakers and officials from across India recently experienced ICRISAT’s sustainable research-for-development practices being implemented in the country’s Bundelkhand region which are benefitting 30,000 families reliant on farming. A travel workshop-cum-exposure visit was organised for the group during 9-11 October 2021 where the knowledge generated was shared. Participants […]

The workshop participants at Birdha village in Uttar Pradesh’s Lalitpur. Photo: ICRISAT


Haveli Cultivation Turns Desolated Landscape into Paradise: Case Study of Poora Birdha Village, Lalitpur District

Highlights 200-year-old traditional rainwater harvesting system brought back into practice Construction of haveli structures enhanced surface and groundwater availability Migration from villages stopped; villagers return home from cities This story was first published by Dainik Jagran Talbehat (Lalitpur): Water is the basis of life. It is difficult to think of […]

Scale-Up of Integrated Drought Management Gets Nod from State Minister in Uttar Pradesh, India

Impressed with the rapid pace and impact of the Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) initiative and other interventions in Lalitpur district, Uttar Pradesh (UP), Mr Hargovind Kushwaha, Minister of State, UP Government, expressed satisfaction and willingness to scale up this approach to other parts of the Bundelkhand region with ICRISAT and […]

Mr Hargovind Kushwaha, Minister of State, Uttar Pradesh, addressing the farming community at Pura Birdha village, Lalitpur. Photo: S Kumar, ICRISAT

UP agriculture minister reviews DFI project, visits Chitrakoot site

Mr Surya Pratap Shahi, Minister of Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh state’s government, reviewed the progress of the Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) project in the state’s Bundelkhand region. The minister praised the concept of renovating traditional water tanks (Havelis) renovation and appreciated efforts of all partners and project team members. Mr […]

The minister’s field visit to a Haveli in Chitrakoot project site.

One of the rainwater harvesting havelis at Parasai-Sindh. Photo: R Singh, ICRISAT

Renovated Water Harvesting Structures have Immense Potential for Agricultural Productivity, Suggest Research Findings

Reviving traditional rainwater harvesting structures in regions with degraded land leads to increased groundwater levels, more arable land, and higher crop productivity and incomes. A recently published scientific research paper offers a case study of Bundelkhand, Central India, where groundwater levels were boosted by 2-5 m by renovating water structures […]

Doubling Farmers’ Income Project gets Boost From Agriculture Minister

Strategies to harvest rainwater in drought-prone regions, through the collaborative Doubling Farmers’ Income project, received a boost with inputs from the state Agriculture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India, recently. Focusing on the renovation of the ‘Haveli’ water structures in Chitrakoot, Mr Surya Pratap Shahi, Minister of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh, discussed […]

Mr Surya Pratap Shahi, Minister of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh, reviews DFI project and visits project site in Chitrakoot. Photo: ICRISAT Development Center