Doubling Farmers’ Income Project gets Boost From Agriculture Minister

Strategies to harvest rainwater in drought-prone regions, through the collaborative Doubling Farmers’ Income project, received a boost with inputs from the state Agriculture Minister of Uttar Pradesh, India, recently. Focusing on the renovation of the ‘Haveli’ water structures in Chitrakoot, Mr Surya Pratap Shahi, Minister of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh, discussed […]

Mr Surya Pratap Shahi, Minister of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh, reviews DFI project and visits project site in Chitrakoot. Photo: ICRISAT Development Center

Consortium Approach for Improving Dairy Productivity and Resource Use Efficiency

A consortium approach of different partners can revolutionize dairy sector in India through promoting scientific dairy development activities and resource use efficiency. In this Good Practice Note, Drs. Prakashkumar Rathod, Sreenath Dixit, Kaushal Garg and Raviraj Jadhav share their experiences of improving the livelihood of farmers through multiple technical interventions […]


Farmer Malti Pateria with the young calf. Photo: BISLD.

Newborn Calf Holds Out Hope for Bundelkhand’s Cattle

A female calf birthed recently in a north Indian village, following sexed sorted insemination, could herald the end of rampant abandoning of livestock in the region, thereby increasing farmers’ returns. The calf, born in Nathupura village of Mahoba district in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh state, is a result […]