Sr.No. Donor Project title Duration
1 Powergrid, Odisha Improving Agricultural Productivity and Rural Livelihoods through Community Participation and Better Crop Management Practices in Target villages in Kalahandi District, S. Odisha 2019-2024
2 Ultratech Improving Livelihoods through Integrated Water Resources Management at Tadipatri, Anantapur 2019-2024
3 Government of Odisha (OLM) Sustainable improvement of rural livelihood and restoration of coconut based livelihood through specific science based interventions 2019-2022
4 ABInBev (SAB Miller) Improving Agricultural Productivity and Livelihoods Through Holistic and Sustainable Resource Mangement 2019-2021
5 Government of Telangana Economic Assessment of Mission Kakatiya in terms of Increased Farmers Income 2019-2021
6 Government of Karnataka Strengthening Boochetana Sustainable Agriculture Mission for Improved Livelihoods in Karntaka- Bhoochetana Phse II 2019-2020
7 JSW Foundation Doubling farmers’ income through Integrated Watershed Management in Bellary district in Karnataka, India – Phase II 2018-2023
8 KISAN MITrA (UP) KISAN MITrA (Transforming Agriculture: Doubling Farmers’ Income in Bundelkhand, UP) 2018-2023
9 Government of Odisha Enhancing Agricultural Productivity and Rural Livelihoods through Scaling-up of Science-led Development in Odisha: Bhoochetana 2018-2021
10 IITM, MoES, GoI Enhancing Groundnut Productivity in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka through Farmer Acceptable Climate Smart Strategies and Weather Based Crop Management Advisories 2018-2021
11 SDC Agriculture Resilience: Linking Insurance and Technology with Climate Adapted Farming Systems RIICE III (India Chapter) 2018-2021
12 Government of Andhra Pradesh-Horticulture Doubling the farmer Income through grafted vegetable seedlings 2018-2020
13 Mahindra and Mahindra Improving Livelihoods and Agricultural Productivity through Integrated Watershed Management 2019-2020
14 Tata Education Dev. Trust, Mumbai Promotion of vegetable cultivation along with Wadi for nutritional security and income enhancement among the tribal families of Langigarh block of Kalahandi district, Odisha 2016-2021
15 Newton Bhabha, GOI Upscaling Catchment Processes for Sustainable Water Management in Peninsular India 2016-2019
16 JSW Foundation Improving Climate Resilience of Tribal Farmers in Thane District, Maharashtra 2015-2020
17 Government of Karnataka, India Scaling-up of Bhoo Samrudhi Program in Additional Four New Districts (Bhoosamrudhi Phase II) 2015-2019
18 Power Grid Corporation of India Limited Improving Rural Livelihoods through Farmer-Centric Integrated Watershed Management in Karnataka 2014-2020
19 Power Grid Corporation of India Limited Improving Rural Livelihoods through Farmer-Centric Integrated Watershed Management in Andhra Pradesh 2014-2020