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Farmer Bhimrao Mulgi (holding trays) interacts with the visitors. Photo: S Punna, ICRISAT

Homegrown Technologies Help Farmers Boost Yields and Incomes

The means to help farmers improve their livelihoods are not developed in offices and laboratories alone, but rather on the fields with indigenous innovative ideas and implements, as was demonstrated during a recent Farmers’ Field Day in Manhalli village, Bidar district, Karnataka. Project Bhoosamruddhi conducted a field visit to update […]

Newborn Calf Holds Out Hope for Bundelkhand’s Cattle

A female calf birthed recently in a north Indian village, following sexed sorted insemination, could herald the end of rampant abandoning of livestock in the region, thereby increasing farmers’ returns. The calf, born in Nathupura village of Mahoba district in the Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh state, is a result […]

Farmer Malti Pateria with the young calf. Photo: BISLD.

ICRISAT scientists and locals of Mentapally walk past a wastewater treatment plant in the village. The wetland was constructed as part of a CSR initiative of REC Limited. Photo: TN Murthy , BISLD

When wastewater ceased to be ‘waste’

Soaring coconut trees on Ravi Sagar’s five-hectare fruit plantation stand in stark contrast to Mentapally’s semi-arid landscape. This south Indian village in Telangana receives less than 600 mm annual rainfall but ideal conditions for farming persist on Mr Sagar’s farm, thanks to a community wastewater treatment unit. Before the wastewater Read more..