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Masons help farmers harvest rains in Bundelkhand

How important are masons in agriculture? If the success of ICRISAT’s watershed efforts in Bundelkhand region is an indication, skilled masons are crucial in helping farmers double their incomes. The ‘Doubling farmers’ income in Bundelkhand’ project aims to develop 5,000 ha in each of the region’s seven districts. Water harvesting […]

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Restoring faith in farming in Ballari, Karnataka

Water shortage forced farmer Thimappa to abandon agriculture and work a labor-intensive job in an industrial production unit to provide for his family. Two years after he quit farming, a JSW-ICRISAT watershed project helped him return to it.Chikantapur village in Ballari district of India’s Karnataka State is semi-arid with mean […]

When wastewater ceased to be ‘waste’

Soaring coconut trees on Ravi Sagar’s five-hectare fruit plantation stand in stark contrast to Mentapally’s semi-arid landscape. This south Indian village in Telangana receives less than 600 mm annual rainfall but ideal conditions for farming persist on Mr Sagar’s farm, thanks to a community wastewater treatment unit. Before the wastewater […]

ICRISAT scientists and locals of Mentapally walk past a wastewater treatment plant in the village. The wetland was constructed as part of a CSR initiative of REC Limited. Photo: TN Murthy , BISLD