CSR Award

POWERGRID-ICRISAT watershed has scale-out potential across India

Low cost drought proofing strategies for windfall gains in drylands Technologies developed in a national CSR award-winning watershed project in India have helped over 20,000 farmers in southern India conserve 200,000 m3 of water and earn higher incomes through alternate livelihood options. The project has a scale-out potential of more […]

A beneficiary from the project has set up her own store to sell stationary and snacks.

ICRISAT Wins two CSR awards for work on Climate Change and Community Development

At the recent World Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Congress, ICRISAT’s science-backed development work with the corporate sector on climate change adaptation and community development was recognized. ICRISAT’s work on climate-smart agriculture has shown how to achieve short-and-long-term sustainability in agricultural development while contributing to climate change mitigation. To this end […]