Watershed Project — Bhujal (water sustainability project in 3 villages of Babina block, Jhansi district, Madhya Pradesh)

Duration:01/May/2011 – 30/Apr/2016

Location: Jhansi district, Madhya Pradesh, India


  1. Coca-Cola India Foundation, India
  2. ICAR-National Research Centre for Agroforestry


The Bundelkhand region of central India is the hotspot of water scarcity, land degradation and poor socio-economic status. The Coca-Cola India Foundation for Rural Water Infrastructure and ICRISAT led consortium, along with the National Research Centre for Agro-forestry (NRCAF), farmers and the Government of Uttar Pradesh, identified a micro-watershed, Parasai-Sindh in Babina block of Jhansi district, as a pilot site for improving water use efficiency, groundwater recharge and strengthening ecosystem services through community watershed management program. This watershed covers 1,250 ha and comprises of 3 villages named Parasai, Chhatpur and Bachauni (located at 250 23 ‘ 56 ‘’ to 250 27 ‘ 9.34 ‘’ N and 780 19 ‘45.71 ‘’ to 780 22 ‘ 42.57’’ E.). The watershed development program in these selected villages started from 2011 onwards.

The specific project objectives were:

  • To enhance water availability in target villages through rainwater harvesting and recharging of wells
  • To enhance water use efficiency and agricultural productivity through improved management of land and water resources
  • To establish a site for learning within five years of project inception
  • To transform entire village from degraded stage to productive stage showing the example of science led consortium approach.

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