Improving Climate Resilience of Tribal Farmers in Palghar District of Maharashtra State (JSW-ICRISAT-MH)

Duration: 2015-2021

Location: Palghar district, Maharashtra, India


  1. JSW Foundation
  2. Rural Communes
  3. University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad
  4. Government of Maharashtra


The overall goal of this initiative is to increase agricultural productivity and improve livelihoods sustainably by enhancing the impact of integrated watershed management programs through capacity-building initiatives using sites of learning in high-rainfall agro-ecoregions. JSW foundation is working with the Maharashtra Government to reduce malnutrition in Jawhar taluk, in Palghar district of Maharashtra. Six blocks  from this project area were identified for agronomic interventions to improve the quality and quantity of farm produce. This follows ICRISAT’s  earlier  setting up of a learning site for integrated watershed management at Bellary in collaboration with JSW. These sites fall under the high rainfall area of the Western Ghats (Konkan region).
The specific objectives are:

  • To bridge the yield gaps on small farmers’ fields through increased sustainable productivity by 50% in five years in project villages.
  • To enhance water availability and its (green and blue water) use efficiency for diversifying the livelihood systems in the target villages by adopting integrated water resource management approach;
  • To develop capacity of the farmers in the region for improving rural livelihoods through knowledge sharing and dissemination strategy

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