Boosting agriculture to achieve double digit growth

Double digit growth can be achieved in the state of Andhra Pradesh by changing the mindset of all players involved and converging schemes and departments. The five pillars for achieving this are: drought proofing, digital agriculture, climate resilience, mechanization and skill development.

These were some of the discussions at the Andhra Pradesh (AP) Primary Sector Mission Review meeting presided over the by state Chief Minister Mr N Chandrababu Naidu.
The following important decisions emerged from the meeting:

  • The AP Primary Sector Mission has been rechristened as ‘Raithu Kosam’.
  • A Joint Collector has been nominated for each district to ensure convergence of schemes, funds and personnel.
  • Awareness building among all stakeholders to be undertaken in a mission mode with immediate effect.
  • The Government has set up a ‘Krishi Cabinet’ (Agricultural Cabinet) which will meet every month to take decisions for successful implementation.
  • Drought proofing and soil health improvement along with digital agriculture through skill development.
  • Public Private Partnerships for providing an efficient value chain approach.

Dr Suhas Wani, Director, ICRISAT Development Center (IDC), explained the strategy for increasing productivity, production, processing and profits for farmers by adopting innovative institutions, technologies, policies and partnerships.

In his opening remarks, Mr Naidu stressed the need to operationalize strategy on the ground and ensuring the attainment of double digit growth during 2015-16 to achieve the goal of Swarnandhra Vision 2022 in all the sectors. Dr SP Tucker, Additional Chief Secretary, Planning, and Agricultural Production Commissioner, spelt out the institutional arrangements at the district level as well as the availability of additional funds at the district level for achieving convergence. Under the guidance of the District Collector, a Joint Collector will coordinate and converge the Primary Sector Mission in each district.

The review meeting was held at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh on 25-26 June. The IDC team of 15 scientists led by Dr Wani participated in the meeting. More than 500 participants, largely district officials from all the line departments of the Primary Sector Mission, ministers of the line departments concerned, other senior government officials, as well as representatives of state universities, research institutions, and private companies participated in the meeting.

Dr Wani making a presentation during the Andhra Pradesh Primary Sector Mission review meeting at Vijaywada.

Dr Wani making a presentation during the Andhra Pradesh Primary Sector Mission review meeting at Vijaywada.

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